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International Mountain Museum
Collection of mountaineering equipments by mountain climber around the world. And culture of different ethnic groups in Nepal.



The Himalaya is the greatest mountain system in the world. It stretches 2400 km from east to west between Nanga Parbat and Namcha Barwa peaks. Most find such an immense range of mountains hard to envisage because the scale is beyond one's experience. 

Cradled among the mountains in the central Himalaya with profusion of high peaks lies the kingdom of Nepal. Of the fourteen peaks in the world that exceed 8,000 meters no fewer than eight of them are in Nepal, including Mt. Everest the highest in the world.

The mystery of the unknown, sheer beauty of majestic peaks and above all, an urge to experience the challenge of climbing world's highest mountains have attracted thousands of climbers to the Himalayan slopes. More....
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